selected wines

The Cafetí Wine List is more extensive than usual in a social bar. This is because it is one of my passions.

wines from the DO Empordà dominate and, within the menu, you can find wines from Sant S’adurní and nearby villages looking for local produce. 

Natural and ecological wines have an important presence, as they respect the land and the climatic and terrain conditions that make up the difference between the nuances of each wine. Wines are also made by the glass, which are changing.

 There is the idea of holding a natural wine fair in the area. In the space of the room, when the situation of the pandemic allows it, as it was preparing for winter.

Here are some of the different red wines we have :

  • Marrec Collita 2019
  • Peligru
  • Follaraïms
  • Can Noves 2015
  • Baltos

Here are some of the different white wines we have:

  • Follaraïms
  • Heus
  • Fènix
  • Terra Indika
  • Resalso

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