Cooking, Michael Pollan, Debate 2014

The most important feature to know if a book has decisively influenced your life, your way of doing or seeing things is that you can highlight a powerful idea that you remember, once you have finished reading it.

And this is what Cooking meant to me, where an attempt is made to answer the question “Why cook?”

It’s true, why cook if our lives are running at a frantic pace, we have a range of supposedly healthy cooked products or someone else can do it for us. Is it necessary to leave so much time in the kitchen when we can use it to do other things that we find more interesting or stimulating?

This book, mainly the second part, which personally is the one that interested me the most, based on the author’s own experience.

He concludes that the time we spend in the kitchen is very rewarding.

The example Pollan gives is very common: when a girl teaches him to cook and prepares a stir-fry. The stir-fry requires patience.

Be aware that it is a laborious process in which if we put love into it, we will get an excellent result that others, who ultimately also cook for them, will appreciate.


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