The documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi by a chef in a continuous search, this case of the perfect nigiri.

Sukitabashi Jiro is a ten-seat restaurant located in the Tokyo subway, which was recognized with three Michelin stars for a long time.

While we enjoyed the documentary, Jiro Ono’s visit to the markets looking for the best fresh produce, the careful treatment of pop, his explanations and the admiration and seriousness in the work of his disciples. It also conveys to us, curiously, a certain anguish.

This anguish is latent in the chef’s quest to get the perfect sushi. A good lesson from a chef, which artists must take note of: the pursuit of perfection involves work, perseverance and, paradoxically, routine.

The search for the perfect nigiri is not possible without the routine, understood as a daily and constant effort, too, to do the same thing every day, so that this repetition helps us to find the best.

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