A themed dinner is proposed on the last Wednesday of every month. It will consist of a dinner with a closed price of € 20 with everything included (dinner, water and wine, coffees).

Dining room

Exhibitions with local artits. The exhibitions will be 4/5 works by artists close to the municipality with an initial expected duration of 4/6 months.


Creating a small space to encourage reading, the space will consist of a shelf with books that can be read at the same time, exchanged for others brought by the same user or bought for 2 €.


The person in charge of the Cafetí is committed to helping in all the tasks to promote tourism.

La concòrdia back

Promotion of the Cafetí as a meeting point for young people.


Promotion of the Cafetí for the largest in the municipality with free disposal of card games, dominoes.


Collaboration with village associations.


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